Ryan Anthony Doyle - RAD


- Actor & Professional Freerunner


Ryan was born in Liverpool UK 1984, Graduated at Liverpool Hope University studying Media TV Production. 


He excelled in Korean Martial Arts with a national title and integrated action choreography into his media work. First Appearing as a supporting artist in the UK series "Hollyoaks", he stepped into acting whilst at university and trained at Magul theatre school


For years Ryan toured the UK with a signed rap band, before winning two national events in one day. His action short “SACRIFICE” won ‘Best Film’ at the ScreenTest film festival. He later won the National Extreme Tricking battle that same afternoon.


Ryan partnered with the World freerunning Parkour federation to produce "MTVs Ultimate Parkour Challenge", His passion to perform took him to many competitions. He defended his tricking title 4X and became 2X World Freerunning Champion at the Red Bull art of Motion 2007/2011. 


Ryan has travelled the world as a Red Bull Athlete on action media projects that push the human body to its limits. He appeared on National-Geographics’s-Fight Science", the "Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon", stunt-doubled for Ellen Degeneres and won “Best International Series” at the YouTube Streamy Awards 2013 with the online viral series “Travel Story”


Ryan partnered with members of the Liverpool Parkour community to open the UKs biggest Urban Sports facility. Airborn Academy is pioneering the New-Age training gyms that are emerging all over the world.


Ryan was cast as the evil character ‘Finch’ in the “Freerunner” Movie (2011) of course he did all his own stunts including the fight choreographer in the feature. 


More recently, Ryan finished another lead role in the Action-Scifi feature “Mindgamer's” (2017) and live-hosted the Freerunning Parkour World Championships in Las Vegas.




Ryan featured as the treat for the winning team on the BBC reality TV series "The Apprentice"


"I've got a treat for you that'll have you boucing off the walls" - Sir. Alan Sugar




Ryan Anthony Doyle - RAD


- Actor & Freerunner

- 2X World freerunning Champion Red Bull AOM

- 'Winner' Best International Series on YouTube

- Red Bull Athlete

- Founding Athlete of WFPF

- Founding Athlete of AIRBORN ACADEMY

- Director of RAD Production



2006 - "Winner" for ‘Best Film” at Screentest Film Festival with “Sacrifice"

2006 - National Tricking Champion UK

2007 - 2x National tricking Champion

2007 -World Champion - RedBull AoM

2007 - WFPF founding Athlete 

2008 -  “W.I.L.D." (Action Short)

2009 - Red Bull Athlete - PKFR Ambassidor

2009 - Mtv’s Ultimate Parkour Challenge 

2009 - 3x National Tricking Champion

2010 - Late Night with Jummy Fallon

2010 - The Ellen Show

2010 - Mtv Ultimate Parkour Challenge series

2010 - 4x National Tricking Champion

2011 - "Freerunner" the Movie

2011 - 2x World Freerunning Champion AoM

2012 - "Travel Story" - International Tour Online Series. 

2013 - "Winner" for Best International Series on Youtube

2014 - Founding Athlete - Airborn Academy


2017 - Action Scifi feature "MINDGAMERS"






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